I am back……


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Wow it has been a while!  In the last year in a half I have been in full speed with an infant and enjoying the heck out of our new addition to our family!  Rudy is now 15 months old and the love of our lives.  Gracie is such an amazing big sister and we truly have been blessed with a super mellow, happy kiddo with him.  We truly are blessed beyond measure to have two beautiful, healthy and happy kids.

I am active and update daily my facebook pages, Body By Jess Fitness as well as my personal page fb.com/jessica.vandeberghe

I can’t wait to begin sharing more fit tips and more about my crazy, fun life here with you!!!

Stay tuned for some fun Fun Fit Tips coming for the Holiday Season!!


9 Week Baby Bump, One Strong Heart Beat, One Happy Mama!


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9 Week Baby Bump, One Strong Heart Beat, One Happy Mama!

Between eating every 2 hours and the excitement I have as we had our first Doctor Appt and Ultrasound this week, I am pretty sure reality has set in. Troy and I have chosen to again not find out what sex this baby is as we did this with Gracie and it was so fun. All the anticipation and truly to see the look on Troy’s face of the unknown and then knowing he got his precious little girl was priceless. I would do it all again, just to see that look again and have him hold for the first time another beautiful baby. Gracie is so incredibly excited as she gets so gitty when we even say Baby or Big Sister or anything about being pregnant. She can’t wait to be a big sister and is going to be a great one at that. I must say I got a lot of confirmation and questions even from my labor with Gracie answered this week at my doctor appt for this baby. My first pregnancy with Gracie was awesome! The only symptoms I had were fatigue and tiredness my first trimester and headaches, otherwise felt great! Labor….my body went right in to action. My water broke at the mall :), my body started contracting naturally and once I was dilated to about 5/6 I started bleeding quite a bit with every continued contraction and they didn’t know why. Thus after evaluating, took me in for C-Section. They said Gracie had Velamentous insertion and if we had not had a C-Section we more then likely would have lost her. So this doctor appointment this last week cleared up so much of what happened, what to look for and knowing that the likely hood of it happening again were just as likely as it happening to anyone else. It is super rare. Just had so much clarity with this appointment this week as well as the shock of being pregnant has truly worn off now with hearing that strong heart beat! We are well on our way to creating a healthy, strong little baby!!

Small Bump, Week 4 of P90x3 and my results are a bit opposite…LOL


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So as I roll in to my 4th week of P90x3, Shakeology and Clean Eating I am now in my 8th week of Pregnancy.  Very beginning stages and holy smokes is reality setting in.  Slowly but surely as I could not believe that BAM after 4 years of trying, our little blessing happened.  So easy for someone to say stop thinking about it or stop trying and it will happen…..Come on.  Really?  Stop trying?  If you know me at all and especially with family, I don’t ever give up!  I can’t stop thinking about it.  Even though I try, it doesn’t happen.  Family is #1!  I was the youngest of 5 kids and loved every minute of it!  I have fabulous parents that are amazing role models and our child hood was great!  I too wanted a big family for this very reason and by no means did I think I would only ever have 1.  Blessed, Heck yes!  That we have 1 healthy and amazing daughter!  We are extremely grateful for one.  We always said if God only wants us to have one then so be it, but there was no way I would ever stop trying in my mind.   Funny thing about it is, the past year in a half I have dealt with tons of digestion problems and you know something, I was never diagnosed with anything that ever made sense.  I am truly a firm believer that all of my subcontous stress about why couldn’t I get pregnant…what is wrong with me kind of thoughts were all a direct cause to all my digestion problems.  Stress reaks havoc on our bodies and like I said, I am darn sure that is the #1  reason why I had all those crazy digestion issues.  No one knew how miserable I was inside, but I am a happy girl and did my best to keep it together.  Happy to say that there is no stress.  I have it more together.  I have no digestion problems.  I am healthy, happy, pregnant and ready for the next phase in our lives.  I look forward to continue sharing with you my weekly progress.  I won’t stop exercising, eating healthy or my daily Shakeology.  I feel great!  Have tons of energy!  Am Happy and full of life!  I am Me!  I am the “Old” Jessie I once was!  I couldn’t be happier 🙂


You can follow me daily by “following” me or “friending” me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/jessica.vandeberghe

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It is True! Baby #2 is in the Oven! Fitness Mom, struggled for 4 years to get pregnant and 2 weeks in to P90x3 finds out Big News!


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After 4 years of my husband and I trying for Baby #2, we are so thrilled to share with everyone that we are expecting Baby #2!  My story is quite long, but I will continue to share my journey with you as I move forward through pregnancy as well as #P90x3.   

My husband and I have a beautiful little girl, Gracie that will be 7 years old this Sunday.  Gracie has been asking for a sibling for so long and we have done our best to answer that, but as you all know it is not in our timing.  After 4 years of struggling the time has come and God has blessed us immensely with Baby #2.  Gracie is so overwhelmed with excitement and is wondering why mommy’s tummy isn’t big yet…LOL.


4 years ago I went off the pill, all to my knowledge to find out after a year that I wasn’t #ovulating.  Why?  I have no idea.  After going to the #NaturePath, #Endocrinology, #Gastrointerology, #OB doctors and many other

appointments, they could not find anything wrong that would cause this to happen.  So none the less I did research on my own.  Trying to do my own self diagnosis, but really stressing about the situation subconsciously.  This only caused my body to have even more problems now digestively.  After a year of being Free from Gluten, Dairy, Corn, Beans, Sugar who knows what else I was to say the least miserable and still having major digestion issues.  Again every doctor told me “there is nothing wrong, you have a healthy body”, when I knew how much I hurt and how miserable I was.  Looking back at the big picture now, I know it was stress.  Stress of why no me?  What is wrong with me that I am not ovulating?  The one Diagnosis the OB gave me was that I had PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  The Endocrinologist didn’t think so but that was the closest diagnosis that made any bit of sense somewhat at least.  

After months, years of disappointment I didn’t know what to do.  I was tired and emotionally drained to the max.  I needed to focus on being the best wife I could and mom I could to Gracie.  I was tired of the anticipation each month and knew I had to first and foremost take care of me, make me happy inside and out in order to move forward.  We went to Hawaii for two weeks in November and then Thanksgiving came.  That month flew by as did December and going through all the Holiday festivities and really just enjoying every bit of them!  My handsome little nephew was born the day after Christmas and I was honored to be in the room when he was born and that was a HUGE moment for me.  So emotional and so incredibly special. January came and never even thought about possibility of being pregnant.  November and December flew by so fast that the thought never crossed my mind either and my body just continued to do its thing.  I still had no idea if I was ovulating or not, just really not stressing about it and moving forward.  January came and 5 days late?  What…hmmm, maybe I should take a test.  With still no expectation, planning for sure of a Negative test, BAM!  Positive right away!  I sat there and just stared.  I couldn’t believe it was true.  I was in such shock and believe I still am….LOL.


My husband came home right after I did this and I was still holding the test.  He said what is that?  I showed him and watched his mouth drop to the floor and hands in the air and No Way!  Really?  Pretty sure he was in as much shock as I.   So here we are.  Called to schedule my first appointment and can’t wait to move forward in this journey!  I am two weeks in to P90x3 and still drinking Shakeology.  With my first pregnancy I worked out up to my due date.  Taking care of your body is so incredibly important especially now.  My body is used to the exercise and I just really pay attention to how I feel and modify as needed.  Continue Shakeology as I know our baby will get amazing nutrients the whole time!  So incredibly excited to share my journey with each of you!  You can follow me closer by “liking” my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Body-By-Jess/152677901433565?ref=hl

I would love to share my journey with each of you!



All about P90x3


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Let me share with you a little inside scoop on P90x3……

If you haven’t already heard, there is another workout in the Power 90 series available through me and releasing in December. December 10th to be exact! There are so many thoughts floating around out there about P90x that I just had to do a write up on mine. As an Elite coach, I was provided a preview workout in October so that I was able to familiarize myself with the program.  I also got a super cute hat, which I will be giving you when you order through me as well!

For those of you who do not know, P90X is a sequel to Power 90. P90X3 will be workout program #4 from the world famous trainer, Tony Horton. This program, however, is completely different than any other that Tony has done. Even beginners can do from day 1!

I wanted to touch on some major points about the differences between the two programs. 

If you already know you are ready to commit to the program, you can submit your info now to jess@mybodybyjess.com with “P90x3 discount” to get on the list for full info on all four available price options, first access to the groups, and of course the super cute free hat =D

I am SO excited to be starting P90X3 because even though I have one of the craziest years of my life planned ahead with so many trips and activities, it’s ONLY 30 MINUTES EACH DAY so I know I can be successful. Now 30 minutes is a workout length that anyone can fit into their lives.  That’s one less sitcom, getting up 15 minutes earlier and going to bed 15 minutes later, or maybe 10 less things I’ll get to pin on Pinterest  At 6 days a week, that is only 3 hours a week total, or 12 hours in a month. We can ALL do that! 

Because the workouts in P90X3 are short, compact, quick and effective, there is no time for Tony to be going on and on about nonsense. There is still going to be some classic Tony humor, but it’ll be “a lot less talk and a lot more action” this time around, which should keep you interested and away from your mute button.

With P90X3 the workouts are fast, the transitions are quick, and the muscle confusion is constant. There is a focus on functionality and movement through the entire thing. You won’t have time to be bored because you’ll be too busy trying to stay caught up! With only 30 minutes Tony has no time to waste with you so the pace, while totally manageable, is way faster than the traditional P90X or Power 90 programs.

Are you afraid or hesitant to do an in home fitness program because you feel that you will be good for the first week or two and then it will start just collecting dust?   This one makes total sense to me. We get excited about a program, or we join a gym, or we make a commitment with a buddy to walk together each morning and yet we don’t see it through. The novelty of our commitment wears off when our friend doesn’t show up, it’s too rainy to get to the gym or we miss our favorite class, or life keeps us from pushing play one day. One day turns into 3 turns into 100. I GET THIS!!!  I can tell you with 100% certainty that the process I’ve put together for sticking to your program will keep you more committed than anything you have tried alone.990x3 review comparison buy (7)

I run special groups on Facebook that provide you the  accountability, support, education, motivation and friendship that you need to follow through.THIS is what it takes to see a program through to the end!!! Not only do we work together to make sure that you get your workouts in, get your meals planned, and learn a lot along the way, we also help get you back on track when you fall off. This makes a 1-2 day “screw up” no more than a tiny bump in the road. With our weekly group calls, fun daily questions, personal challenge buddy, and post workout check-ins, you’ll stay on track and not have to worry about yet another investment becoming a paper weight. The groups don’t cost anything, you just have to get set up on the challenge program with me as your coach and you have full access. Plus, I’ll be able to offer almost $100 off to my P90X3 challengers who want to start on 1/6 with us.

The meal plan, as described by Tony, is much easier to follow, has vegan options, and is based off the food his personal chef makes for him. I am also personally quite good at helping people figure out their calories, their ratios, and how to plan out food for the week. This is one of my specialties and I love teaching my clients about it.  I am Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritional Specialist, so this is my passion.  I am SO excited about this easier meal plan, especially since nutrition is even MORE important than your workouts! No more engineering degree required to figure out what you’re having for an afternoon snack.

Participating in P90x3 with me will not only give you the program package of 22 workouts, but too you will receive a personal online coach….. ME!!!  You will be a part of my P90x3 Test Accountability Group.  This right here is what really helps people get amazing results. Working with other like minded individuals, checking in online in our private facebook page.  Sharing their success, their favorite recipes, and most of all everyone in this group will be starting on the same day 1/6, and working together until the end.  We will have weekly video chats or calls for support, and most importantly; a 100% no-hassle full money back guarantee for 90 days. THAT is what getting set up on P90X3 (or any program we select) with me  gets you!!!

Are you ready to get on my email list to make your order on Tuesday, December 10th for first access to the program, full price details for all four versions of the program, first shot at applying for my group, and lock down your free hat?!?!

Some other notes I found interesting when I was deciding to start P90X3:

  • You get an awesome free hat when you order from me in December!990x3 review comparison buy (2)
  • Studies shows that the most dramatic body transformations happen in the first 30 minutes of exercise. You can skip those crazy long workouts.
  • P90X3 is NOT a sequel to P90X or P90X2, nor is it a graduate program so users do not have to be in great shape or need to complete P90X or P90X2 in order to do P90X3.
  • There are two schedule choices:

1) CLASSIC – Traditional balance of cardio and resistance, will help you gain muscle and lose fat.
2) LEAN – Designed for those who prefer a more lean toned look, where you’ll target functionality, mobility and cardio over resistance training.

  •  Tony Horton took everything he’s proven with Muscle Confusion™ and Muscle Integration, and tailored new routines to take advantage of this science of shorter workouts.
  • I’ll be able to offer almost $100 off a full challenge package to my P90X3 challengers who want to start on 1/6 with us.
  • The results are AMAZING.

990x3 review comparison buy (1)


If P90X3 is not the program for you, I have over 40 programs I can match you up with of all fitness levels, prices, and personality types.  Email me at jess@mybodybyjess.com and let’s chat.  I hope to hear from you soon!

Time Management as a Busy Mom, Wife & Successful Entrepreneur………..


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If you were to ask me about time management two years ago, I probably would have laughed and said “What time management?”  However, as my business flourishes and succeeds, the demands are greater that I personally put on myself.  I struggle with keeping firm boundaries on my work time. Working is a huge draw for me because I love it. I do a few things to curb the problem. First, I try not to sit down at the computer without a plan. Having a To-Do list of things keeps me from whittling away my time on things that don’t matter and therefore pushes me to spend more time later getting real work done. The other thing that helps is to get out of the house. The drive to the local coffee shop or the grocery store marks a clear boundary between work time and home time.


Working from home has definitely been a learning process for me, as I am a social butterfly.  I find that my To-Do list and scheduling my work day, even though I have the flexibility is what really makes the greatest difference in my time management and success.  When I wake up at 5:30 am each morning, I know my work day is starting at 6 am.  I work from 6-8:00 am getting almost all my To-Do list items checked off.   Then I am focused on getting my daughter Breakfast, Bathed & Ready for School.  Then I come home and start my workout and finish my To-Do List by noon.  I schedule my phone calls for the day before 3 pm and only if necessary in the evening as that is my dedicated family time.   I silence my phone otherwise in the evening, so it is not a distraction to me.  Before I started doing this it was so easy for me to quickly respond to a text or a call.



Time Management and Discipline is one of the greatest struggles I found in working from home and keeping my priorities in align which are my family, especially when you love what you do.  Finding balance and just making small changes was where I started dabbling in my personal development and then as I created my To-Do lists daily, which I learned from Chalene Johnson‘s 30 Day PUSH, I find I treat my business more like a business and am more successful, productive and less stressed or distracted with things that need to get done.



I recommend looking in to Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day PUSH Challenge or even Dani Johnson’s First Steps To Wealth as both of these Personal Development Pieces has helped me greatly with my Time management and what to have on my To-Do List and how to Execute it!


Follow me on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Body-By-Jess/152677901433565?ref=hl or http://www.facebook.com/jessica.vandeberghe








Beachbody Coachng and how it has changed our lives


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As I sit here on our last full day in Hawaii, I cant help but reflect on how incredibly blessed we are.  Not only to have this time together, creating amazing, visiting family and freedom of time and money but most of all knowing none of this would be able to happen if 2.5 years ago I didn’t take the amazing opportunity to give Beachbody Coaching a try.  I truly had no clue about Beachbody, but as I learned more I loved what they stood for and behind.  They truly are the real deal. 

Check out and learn how I got started and how you can do the same!  Beachbody coaching can not only be an amazing opportunity for you to reach your own personal fitness goals, but to give your family so much more then you ever have imagined.


Email me at jess@mybodybyjess.com for more questions

Find me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Body-By-Jess/152677901433565


or you can go to www.beachbodycoach.com/bodybyjess and click coach to sign up now and let me help coach you and own your very own health and fitness business.

Are you sabotaging yor weight loss?


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If you just started an exercise plan or are getting your butt in gear by working out more consistently, you may need to change how you fuel your body to get the most out of it. Common nutrition mistakes such as drinking your calories or eating too much postworkout may be the reason why you can’t lose weight (or inches) even though you’re giving it your all. Although getting fit isn’t just about the scale, it’s still an important factor, so we’ll break down 5 common problems—and how to fix them—to get you back on the path to results


Problem 1: You have no idea how many calories you’re really eating

It’s common to think more exercise = more calories. But if you’re trying to lose weight, you may be adding on as many calories as you’re burning—or more. “Think about the food that you’re eating to fuel your workouts and ask yourself how it fits into your total calorie allotment for the day,” advises Felicia Stoler, MS, RD, a nutritionist and exercise physiologist. Just because you hit the cardio hard today doesn’t automatically mean you can supersize dinner. “Most people have no idea how much they’re really eating.” To get honest with yourself about your calorie needs, write down everything you eat for a day (yes, even that handful of nuts you’re holding right now) or use a site like MyFitnessPal®. You’ll probably be surprised by your final number.

Problem 2: You’re hydrating with a sports drink

Man Drinking Sports Drink

If you’re doing a hard, prolonged workout, then hydrating with a sports drink can be a good thing, but for your standard, at-home program, you’re usually better off with water. Sports drinks contain about 50 calories per 8 oz., and 14 grams of sugar (about 3.5 teaspoons). Your body will probably burn though that in an hour-long workout, but then you won’t be mobilizing fat stores as much. As for the electrolytes, yes, an hour-long program depletes them, but it’s nothing a good recovery drink can’t fix.

Problem 3: You’re addicted to that pre-workout snack

As long as they’re getting enough balanced calories in their diet, the average person should have all the glycogen stores they need to get through an hour-long workout, even first thing in the morning. Eating something beforehand might give your performance a little boost, but if you skip it you’re better off—teaching your body how to mobilize fat stores for energy (just like in Problem 2). The exception to this is if you “bonk” or run out of glycogen and blood sugar partway through your workout. When this happens, you don’t just feel a little pooped; you feel as though you’ve just run into a brick wall. If this happens, 50–100 calories of simple carbs, 10 minutes before you start, should fix it. Half a banana would be ideal. If you’re looking for a boost with minimal calories, Beachbody’s E&E Energy and Endurance® Formula or a strong cup of coffee are two great ergogenic aids.

Problem 4: You’re eliminating all carbs


So many exercisers try to eliminate starchy carbs—including whole grains and starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn—when they’re trying to lose weight. But it’s water weight you’re losing, not fat. Not only that, the strategy can backfire. Depleting carbs from your diet means that you have to tap into your lean protein stores for energy, which ultimately can decrease your lean muscle mass. Muscle is critical for upping your metabolism—and burning more calories even while you sit around—so you may see your weight plateau. The lesson? Don’t be afraid to incorporate some whole grains and starchy veggies into your daily diet.

Problem 5: You’re not working out hard enough

If you notice you come home from a run only to find that you’re noticeably hungrier, consider upping the intensity of that run. A recent study in the International Journal of Obesity looked at sedentary, overweight men who either worked out at a moderate pace for 30 minutes or completed a high-intensity interval workout for the same amount of time.1 Those who did the intense interval exercise ate less at a subsequent meal, as well as the next day. Not every workout should be an intense interval session, but fitting in one or two a week can help turn the dial down on your appetite.


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Help Wanted for Online Fitness Coach


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Do you have a DREAM? Do you want more for your Life, for your family’s life?

2013 has already proven to be THEE BIGGEST YEAR in TEAM ROCK HARD BODIES history! Because of that, I am currently looking for some NEW BLOOD for TEAM ROCK HARD BODIES and will be interviewing for 5 apprenticeship positions! (available to NEW COACHES in 2013 only) I will be hand-selecting & personally mentoring these individuals in both a small group setting and with one on one calls.

I am not just talking about a job that will give you a .50 cent raise every year… but a business that can double in the first year, and triple ETC… What could an extra $250 or $500 a month do for you?
What if you could make $1000 a week in your first year?
Whether you are looking for something part-time that can help you earn an extra $1,000 a month to help with bills… OR you want to work on your business a little more intensely to reach that PER WEEK… I will help you lay down the foundation to GET to your GOALS! But, remember, it is UP TO YOU to choose to APPLY that knowledge in your own business! What we do in DREAM TEAM WORKS, there is NO denying it!

The reason I am SO PASSIONATE about this business isn’t because of the money involved… It’s because 2 years ago I was given this amazing opportunity that had the ability to do something that I am truly passionate about all while having more time with my family and when I heard free vacations, I was on board!! If you know, I love to travel and we were unable to travel with my husband not getting paid time off and our funds didn’t provide it at the time. Saving up for paid time off, the actual vacation and spending money was way too much! Given this opportunity with Beachbody, I was not only able to pull myself out of a 40+ hour week job I was passionate about in to a job I work 20 hrs a week at and have become financially free… but I now get to help OTHERS do the SAME! Oh and did I mention Free Vacations!!

I could decide to sit back now and enjoy the “GOOD LIFE” — But my goal is NOT to sit on a beach chair with a Long Island in hand, while staring off into the ocean… It’s to PAY IT FORWARD and CHANGE a SERIOUS AMOUNT OF LIVES!!! Question is… Are YOU next?!

I am hiring and plan to ONLY work with people who are willing to commit to learning, I am busy and I don’t have time to waste with people who are not ready to act.

The only requirements other than wanting to change are that you only contact me if you are motivated in wanting to make that change! Do you want to OWN your own business and unfold YOUR dreams? I can show you how to be successful along with our amazing team training and support!  No Training or Certifications Needed to apply, just a passion for health and fitness and helping others!

Contact ME ASAP… you will be enrolled immediately with tools for success and start my 60 day training.  We start the 1st of the Month, so contact me at Jess@mybodybyjess.com with why you feel like you would be a good candidate to fill 1 of the 5 positions.  I can’t wait to get you email!  5 positions available so don’t wait!!


Beachbody MLM Business

Why Women Should Lift Weights


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Weight lifting is one of the best ways to keep the fat off and the muscle mass on! Still women are paralyzed with the myth that weight lifting workouts will make them look bulky. In actual, weight lifting exercises, and strength training routines improve the overall body composition and help you eat more without getting on the fat.

Email me jess@mybodybyjess.com to help find the best fitted program for YOU and to have me as your FREE coach the whole way through!

So Why should women get on workouts that weights, barbells, and dumbbells into their fitness?

Revamp Your Metabolic Rate:

As women usually have a low metabolic rate, and tend to lose muscle-mass naturally, weight lifting can help them solve such issues.

According to a research analyst, when women take on weight-bearing exercises they pump up their metabolic rates. The high intensity of the workouts (with added weights) can help you burn more fat and get sexy toned curves.

Strength training for two to three times a week can estimate a gain of around 2 pounds of muscles and shed off 3.5 pounds of fat.

Increase of Physical Prowess:

More muscle mass means more strength. If women are used to lifting heavy weights on daily or weekly basis, they can add to their physical power and this doesn’t mean they are adding a bunch of bulk to their body either.

According to studies, woman’s strength can be increased by 30 to 50 percent with the help of strength training routines. By pushing yourself to the max level, you gain more power and attain less chances of getting injuries.

Getting A Well Defined Look:

Muscles mean less fat and more curves. Lifting weight does not necessarily mean that women are going to bulk up like men. With the right choice of weights, they can actually slim down, get curves, and attain a leaner body.

P90X & Chalean Extreme offer strength-training routines for women to help them achieve complete body transformation without adding the misshapen muscles.

Reduces Arthritis, Injuries and Builds Stronger Bones:

Another benefit of practicing weight lifting exercises is that women can build and maintain bone mass, and prevent osteoporosis. Moreover, by lifting weights, you are going to add to the improvement of joint stability while building stronger ligaments and tendons.

By training safely with the workouts at earlier ages, women, who are even over the age of 40 can decrease the likelihood of losing the bone mass and thus avoiding arthritis.

Improved Heart Health:

Thousands of women die of cardiovascular disease each year. What they do not realize is that lifting weight can help them pump up more blood in their bodies, thus improving the health of their hearts.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 30 minutes of weight lifting each week have a 23 percent reduced risk of developing heart disease compared to those who don’t lift weights.”

It is never too late to work out with the right routines that will actually benefit you inside out. Take on weight lifting and strength training and attain better health.

Email me today at jess@mybodybyjess for Free Coaching and Guidance to help you achieve the health and fitness you so desire.  Check my Facebook page out at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Body-By-Jess/152677901433565?ref=hl  for more Free Coaching and Support tips!